The Measure of Success – The Questions that Lead to Self Discovery

One of my soul sisters and I are making building on a habit that we once had of getting together once a week for magickal purposes. It’s not always formal, and sometimes it’s just a time of discussion, venting, or just general fellowship amongst ourselves within the energy. It so happens that at this time that on our more casual nights we have been working through, T. Thorn Coyle’s latest book, Make Magic of Your Life. So far we’ve been working through the introduction, which is unusual in that most introductions in that book introductions tend to be fairly short and they don’t usually jump right into the working portion of the book. I’m not complaining, in fact I am enjoying the process. One of the questions asked for the purposes of further contemplation, meditation, and perhaps even journal work that was posed in the book is something to the effect of, “What does success mean to you?” or “How do you define success?”

It’s a very interesting question, the answer will vary depending on who you ask. Does being successful mean that you’ve reached a certain financial or social status? To a certain degree it will for many people. I think that to many people achieving a certain level of financial independence is a necessity. We all need things like food, a place to call home, and to be able to at least maintain the basics. For some folks, that may be all that it takes for them to be successful. For others, perhaps being successful means making an impact on the world in some way through social activism, environmental activism or through some other means. Depending upon the person, maybe their success is reached by touch the lives of individual people, or through larger scale actions that impact their community as a whole. Perhaps success is found through the pursuit of music, or art, or both. Perhaps it’s to be found in the pursuit of spirituality. Maybe it’s really just about finding harmony in the life you already have. There are a lot of great stay at home parents out there who are doing an amazing job of juggling the daily tasks of maintaining a household and raising the children. I can tell you, it’s no small task. It takes a lot of juggling, love, patience and resourcefulness. Perhaps it’s in learning to balance all of these things in our lives in such a way that we can pursue all of our interests, while meeting our needs in a way that nurtures our souls.

This question has brought to me a few questions that I must ask of myself. Oddly enough, I popped over to Twitter to do my daily twitting, (yeah I know, it’s tweeting, but I like my terminology better) to find that the lady herself has posed the question to her followers. What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? Are you speaking to me, T. Thorn Coyle? Have we somehow connected in a way most unexpected and to me quite awesome? It is the question of the hour to me. This is the question that will begin my journey of introspection, and self discovery. Who am I really? Who do I want to be? How do I evolve into the kind of person I’d like to be?

For me this will take discipline, which I’m not terribly good at. This new twist in my path will be challenging, but in the end, as I discover more of myself and become more the person that I would like to be. I think that I will not only be happier, and more successful in my life but will also be able to be a better role model for my children. That would be very fulfilling for me, as a mother, and as a witch.

Thank you to Kirsta Skaff and T. Thorn Coyle for the needed inspiration this week. Blessings to you both and so much love.